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Personal Blog vs Social Media Micro Blogging

Blogging is like writing a journal online and sharing it with the world so everyone can read your thoughts and experiences. In one way or another you have been already blogging especially if you use some sort of social media that allows you to share information with your friends or family. That is why these social media platforms are often reffered to as micro blogging sites. So ,you might ask what exactly is the difference between personal blog and a micro blog , there is technically no difference between the two forms of blogging as personal blog can also be a micro blog.

A micro blog ,as the name suggests , is short form of blogging where you don't neccessarily write long detailed articles but you have the option if you wan't to explain something in details . Most microblogging sites , with the exception of a few like twitter , don't put any limit on the number of words that you can write in a single post.

A personal blog is completely maintained by you and you don't have to rely on social media sites , whose rules can change anytime, and also gives you some sort of privacy that is a big problem with most platforms . So if you are concerned about your private information being used by facebook or twitter than you can always start your own personal blog and do anything you like with it like sharing pictures of cats or writing your daily thoughts.You can use it however you like and you don't have to worry about anyone (*cough* Mark Zuckerberg) collecting your information.

Most people are reluctant to start a personal blog because it seems like something extremely techninal to start a blog but in reality it's as simple as just opening an account somewhere . If you are interested in starting your own personal blog than i would recommend you to look at blogger , wordpress or tumblr blogging platforms where millions of blogs are already created by people just like you.Give it a try ,you will understand that it's not that difficult to have your own blog and it also feels good to have control over your content.

Personal blogs do sound good but there is a slight catch , it will take some time before your audience grows and people are able to find your content considering there is a lot of content on internet to be found . So you will need some patience and consistent posts on your blog so people will find your particular blog interesting enough. Just like on social media you have to work on increasing your audience . If you blog regularly and provide valuable content in your post then eventually you will find that more people are interested in reading your opinions.

Desipte all the privacy issues , microblogging on social media has it's own perks as your content is discovered relatively easily by your target audience (that is the people who would like to see the kind of stuff you are posting). If you are comfortable with making videos then youtube is probably the best place to start your blogging (often called vlogging ) . If you are into photos then Instagram , facebook or twitter for text posts.

Another problem with using these social media platforms for daily blogging is that they don't share any revenue with you except YouTube where you can get some compensation for your work. So if you are even remotely interested in generating some revenue from your blogs then starting a personal blog is definetly your best choice. You can obviously maintain a social media profile also to get people to your personal blog .