Blog was in search results, but now it is not ?

Question: ( By : Markku Tamminen ) I created a blog a few days ago and it was in the blogspot search results, but now it is not.

As you created this blog very recently so it will take a few days or maybe weeks before it shows up in the search results. It will show up in search results once it has been indexed by Google . You can submit your site to Google for index Here .

Furthermore , even after your blog has been indexed by Google , your blog may not show up in the top results of every search query because of the competition from other blogs about same topic . You can focus on writing good and original content to compete with other bloggers .

Maybe that is the reason that your blog isn't showing up in the search results sometimes as its being indexed by Google .

Tip: Make sure that you haven't changed robot.txt file of your blog in the setting . Also make sure that your blog is accessible by search engine crawlers in the settings of your blog.