Can't Find New Blog In Google Search Results

Question : (By Faith )
just started blooging but can't find my blog from the search engine or google. Please assist
would love if on googling my blog is found directly

It will take time before you will see your blog on top of search results . Just keep writing original and quality content and eventually you will get there.

I would suggest you to lookup  keyword research for writing blog posts and how to write search engine friendly blogs . Learn on page and off page search engine optimization for your blog. 


Unknown said...

I cant see my blog posts. But when I search for my blog name, it shows.

Muhammad Kamran said...

It will take time before your posts start ranking in search results . keep writing great blog posts .

xTechKR said...

It doesnot show my blog name even though I type it exactly. I have to type the exact URL of it. The Blog similar to mine with almost same URL is not that many but too I don't see it. Help me out.

Wasted said...

thanks for the advice

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