Why Most Bloggers Fail To Get Significant Success?

More than 90% of new blogs fail to get significant success in terms of traffic and monetization . The dilemma is that its very difficult to focus on writing great quality content for blog when you have to make time for marketing and promotion of blog . Currently i am working on a  project that aims to tackle this problem. Please read the following questions and answer them along with any suggestions . This questionnaire is part of market research and to understand the views of blog authors .
  1. How long have you been blogging ?
  2. Average hours per week you spend blogging /research ?
  3. If you monetize your blog, how much do you make ?
  4. How much visitors do you get to your blog ?
Looking forward to receiving your answers in comments  . Thank you.
niaziakmal khan said...

Blogging is incredible and every blogger playing a great role to introduce new things in blogging. I always like to fly on different blogs and read the strategies of different blogger to understand the blogging in more depth. Being a bloggers I really appreciate your works and no doubt your blog is awesome.
Love from Asad Niazi

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